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MHsportsmarketing is a new, internationally operating sports marketing agency that unites advertising, marketing and sports professionals to develop customized communications and marketing concepts for your successful future. With us your career gets the decisive booster.
Your passion can make you a player. We can make you an ICON.


We are distinguished by 20 years of experience in the supervision of national and international sports marketing concepts and advertising campaigns. We know the game and the players. We merge the world of sports with the world of marketing. Our success is based on experience and know-how, coupled with fresh ideas. Created, organized and proficiently managed.

Our Network

Due to our continuous efforts in quality, creativity and originality, we were able to build a strong international network as well as close partnerships with players from business, media and sports. Our out-of-the box thinking and our unique approach are valued by partners in several international markets.

Digital transformation

Speak with us and through us in the language of the future. We are a part of the digital change process. This allows us to perceive trends and waves before all others and we use this for your advantage. We know how the world and in particular the sports world will change, also marketing concepts need to be adapted, and therefore we are prepared and act accordingly.

Join us

Do you already have thoughts about your career that you would like to share with us?
Feel free to contact us and together we will find out how you can benefit the most from our support.
We look forward to hear from you.

The PROJEKT21: Group

MHsportsmarketing is part of the PROJEKT21: group with PROJEKT21: Ad Agency, 
PROJEKT21: Lifestyle Unit, sonari, DETAILED and MyPodCarsten.

sonari builds the bridge between the generations and supports companies in understanding the completely new values ​​of young people and thus becoming fit for the future.

The new LifeStyle podcast.
A product by PROJEKT21: Lifestyle Unit in cooperation with FACE.

The podcast hosted by football legend Carsten Jancker: authentic, entertaining and up-to-date!