Top athletic performances and winning results are the basic prerequisites for taking off in marketing terms. The athletic performance is the trigger while our customized marketing serves as the booster for a long successful and profitable career in sports.

With us you will develop from a football star to an international media star.


The demands in sports have changed massively, just being an athlete is no longer enough. You must also be an idol and an advertising icon.


The multitude of advertising possibilities that the market currently offers requires a precise analysis, coordination and integration of the individual advertising channels, so that we can get the best outcome for your advertising contracts and appearances and thus for your career. Integrated communication on all channels is a MUST.


The right developed merchandise can be viewed as expression of a lifestyle – the lifestyle of the stars. The world is no longer imaginable without merchandising. Quality merchandising with products directly targeted at the right audience is an important part of success, of your success. 


Sports merchandising products are an essential identification factor for your fan community. Fashion is always an expression of a lifestyle, therefore your merchandising is the door opener into the fashion world.


If you think analog, you're just playing the bench.


We communicate digitally, we communicate instagramable and we know what makes you stand out in social media. We position you on the relevant and most important platforms and offer comprehensive advice and support on every topic, at any time. You are an influencer for a whole fan community. We show you your possibilities. Use your full potential!


We create emotional highlights and unique experiences that give your personality an additional kick. Events are always the opportunity to create and share memorable moments with your fan community. See and be seen!


With us at your side, you don't have to face the constantly fast changing media landscape alone. We offer you comprehensive PR strategies and long-term support according to the most modern communication standards with an unbeatable network of media contacts.


You should be able to concentrate optimally on your athletic performances. Leave the sponsoring to us. We advise you in all areas of sponsoring activities, take on an accompanying advisory role and respect your wishes and concerns outside of your career. 


You are the sports professional, we are the specialists to develop new approaches and creative possibilities in the field of sponsoring. Naturally everything perfectly customized to match your personality.